There's a lot of clover growing all over the farm.  If you look hard enough, there's a chance you'll find one or more four-leaf clovers.  There's one in each of these photos.  The one is super easy to find.  The other is a bit tougher.


Following are a random photos of the farm, as well as some shots of my "farm friends." 


From the beginning of April through the end of October, Monday through Saturday, I'm the "Resident Woodcarver" at The Amish Farm and House, a well known museum farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Guests from all over the U.S. and many foreign countries visit this site that is tucked right in the middle of all the 20th Century hustle and bustle.  The farm brochure says "Where Today Touches History."  Very true!

The main part of my shop is the back third of this barn, but, besides a lot of old farm equipment that is on display in the front of the barn, I have  a number of pieces displayed in the front two thirds of the barn.


New additions at the farm. Both of these sets of twins (each with a boy and a girl) were born late afternoon on Wednesday, May 17th.  And one week earlier, on the 10th, we had two other sets of twins, one of twin girls and the other twin boys. There aren't many things cuter than a baby pygmy goat!  I especially enjoy taking one into the big store next to us wearing a little red vest that says "THERAPY GOAT."  People's reactions are priceless!


The two mama goats (technically "does") and their respective twins were from May of last year (2017).  In May of this year (2018) Tessa, the black goat, had triplets.  Our queen goat, Gracie Leah, also had triplets.  And Tessa, whom you see a few photos above wearing her "Therapy Goat" vest, is now full grown and on May 29th totally surprised us with quadruplets!  First quadruplets we've ever had at the farm, at least in all the years I've been there!  It's not the best photo, but I think you can make out all four:  Teddy, Tommy, Tillie, and Tiny Tim (the little white one, one of the smallest goats we've ever had).  All are doing fine, including little Tim.