As I type this on January 19th, the 2019 show is now over.  Sheri and I had a great time there, saw a lot of old friends, met many new folks, carved a lot, woodburned a lot, and I'm now in the process of reorganizing and reloading my shop.

And I'm getting ready for the two winter workshop coming up:  Saturday, January 26th, and Saturday, February 23rd.

​Looking forward to those always-fun times!

Probably the best way to touch base with me if you have a specific question is by calling.  I'll give my numbers below.  I do have an email address, but to be honest, I'm not great at email, and I find it very difficult to answer detailed questions about whittling, knives, sharpening, etc.  That's not to say that I don't answer emails.  It's just that I find talking easier, and faster.


PHONE:  (H) (717) 299-5955     (Cell) (717) 823-9690




2189 Old Philadelphia Pike

Lancaster, PA 17602